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Constructing the new North Aisle, Porch, Link Cloister and Parish facilities

at Penzance Catholic Church 2020-2022

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Easter 2022 update. With removal of most of the temporary internal screening, Canon Philip writes: 'at last after about 180 years we can now capture the vision of the architect in 1841 of the completed church. Obviously there is much more work to be completed, but the opened north aisle gives us that glimpse.'

Construction of phase 2 commenced in August 2020 following many years of detailed planning and the phase 1 renovations. Phase 2 will provide more seating for our congregation and visitors; improved external and internal access; meeting and other facilities in the crypt, many other updates to latest standards, inc insulation, low energy lighting, reduced maintenance costs, etc. Progress has been slowed by Covid 19 but is well advanced. Principal contractors are S.J. Quick and Sons Ltd of Crowlas, with many local skilled craftsmen, trades and suppliers. note: Phase 1 completed in 2018 for the 175th anniversary of the church (Gallery)

Click link for North Aisle project information and fundraising leaflet

Photo North Aisle progress November 2021

Progress being made with granite mullioned windows and cladding stonework at 29th November 2021

A short video slideshow from April 2021 is on our YouTube channel (or download)

Other photos on Dropbox - click a photo to start a 'slideshow', and see the visuals in the fundraising leaflet below

Penzance Catholic Church is a Grade II listed church, see information on the National Churches Trust website.

The "Taking Stock" website has an article about our Church

Click link for North Aisle project information and fundraising leaflet

If you wish to support this work in the parish, please contact us. Thank you.

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